Hefei Ocean Trading Co., Ltd

Core value
Ouxing Trade and its partners-customers, employees, investors, and the community work together to achieve a sustainable win-win situation. Work with partners to make profits and grow together.

Corporate Creed:

Integrity-Integrity, fairness, respect, and safety are our core business concepts.

Diligent-work hard and quickly to complete work tasks.

Innovation-constantly challenge results and strive for the best.

Responsibility-Responsible for customer, social, personal and organizational development.

Cooperation-The team has a common vision, like a big family, trust each other and create brilliant.

Business strategy:

Less inventory, more orders

Committed to the development and sales of silk intermediates and silk products

Creating and maintaining Ouxing International Trade as our unique core competitive advantage

Continuous development and alignment of employees' personal values with the company's vision
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