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What are the common fabrics for scarves

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1.Silk georgette and silk chiffon
They are all light and thin, basically the same, silk chiffon is thinner and softer, Qiao Qi is slightly sandy and rough, but the drape is better. The texture is like the name says, it is the kind of sheer yarn, which feels like chiffon.

Silk George and Silk Chiffon. Because of the lightness of the yarn, I feel that young girls prefer it, and it is more casual, and I also like it. And Qiao Qi's drape is particularly good, it is more suitable for making long towels. However, the original George's rustling feeling is more obvious, so it needs to be softened later. At the same time, the price of this thinner and more transparent variety is also lower.

2.Silk crepe satin
The name of plain crepe satin is the most traditional and typical fabric variety in silk, with high density, so it is thicker and has better elasticity. The biggest feature is that the gloss is particularly good, so basically you can judge it at a glance. The obvious basic light is plain crepe. Therefore, this kind of silk scarf is particularly expensive and elegant, suitable for printing some brightly colored and layered patterns, such as Chinese style, oil painting style, or the superposition of small patterns with particularly high color saturation and high brightness. Scarves will have a somewhat fluorescent feel. I think good crepe satin is just like an expensive gem, and it is dazzling.
The disadvantages of plain crepe are that the shrinkage is relatively serious, and the more times the washing is performed, the worse the gloss is, which is more difficult to take care of.

3.Twill silk
As the name suggests, there is a relatively obvious twill texture, which is woven using a twill weave. It is the most commonly used fabric for scarves. I think it is quite satisfactory. The famous Hermès scarf is made of this fabric. It is characterized by soft and smooth feel, but no crepe satin, relatively strong, moderate tension, not easy to deform, and difficult to hook yarn. The disadvantage is that the thicker and harder, the drape is not good enough, and the natural drape cannot be produced when knotted. In addition, the shrinkage rate of the relatively plain fabric is large.
I think the twill is really because it is quite satisfactory, and it is versatile with various pattern styles. National styles, elegant styles, and individual patterns are all available. Therefore, scarves are widely used.

Other silks used as silk scarves are Sanbo satin (grey fabrics are trained and the blankets are treated, the texture is clear, antique, with various patterns, very noble; the fabric is thicker than george, softer, opaque, and depreciated after washing Low rate, not easy to fade, bright color; double crepe type thin crepe fabric (plain weave, slightly uneven and wavy scale-shaped crepe, the surface of the fabric is soft, not bright enough, the texture is soft, smooth and flexible, Tough, good anti-wrinkle performance, very soft printed pattern lines; Dongfeng yarn (belongs to ultra-thin translucent fabric, as soft and elegant as "Dongfeng", hence the name. Disadvantage is light and easy to thread); blended interwoven fabrics, etc.
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