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How to Wear a scarf - 9 Ways to Tie a Scarf

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It's the season of recovery, and the sun makes people want to dance. Among the many clothes, the best expression of this beautiful mood is the small silk scarf.

Audrey Hepburn once said: "When I put on a scarf, I never felt so clearly that I am a woman, a beautiful woman." "I only have a shirt, a skirt, a shell. Thunder cap, a pair of shoes, but there are 14 scarves. "

Scarves are not only Hepburn's daily favorite jewelry, but also the classic shots in many film and television works. As an item that highlights the femininity and individuality, silk scarves have been interpreted by countless celebrities from celebrities to politics.

This luxury that could only be worn by nobles has now become a unique charm for women on the streets. But today we do not talk about history, and talk about how to wear a silk scarf

The first: as a neck ornament

Compared with the clavicle chain, silk scarves are more suitable for this vibrant season in the late spring and early summer, not only keeping warm, but also adding a touch of vitality and playfulness to the bland life.

For example, using a small square to tie the neck can instantly brighten the overall shape.

This way of wearing is most famous for Audrey Hepburn wearing a white shirt in "Roman Holiday", with a striped square scarf around his neck, and the two small corners of the silk scarf sway with the wind, making the whole picture agile and letting This scene became an eternal classic in people's hearts.

Now many fashion bloggers go out of the street, and will choose this knotting method, with a large neckline T-shirt or a shirt with a deep V-neck, which can increase the overall sense of layering. For example, the left side of the figure below uses a silk scarf to neutralize the toughness of the suit, adding a bit of casualness and lightness to the ability, and the right two are used to match the shirt to create a relaxed and free feeling. In fact, you can remove the scarf, but the overall look will be very passerby.

For example, in the picture below, from hair color to jeans, the overall tone is gray. A small red square scarf can be added. The whole picture is enthusiastic, which can be said to play the finishing touch.

For the first time, I found that the red scarf can be so beautiful.

If you want to express yourself fresh and natural, gentle and pleasant, you can choose a pink blue tone scarf and light clothing.

Just as a neck accessory, scarves can be worn in a variety of ways:

The position of the bow tie can be placed sideways or symmetrically in the middle of the neck. Without considering the warmth factor, the deep V with silk scarf will look better, such as the picture on the right, exposing some skin to look more sexy.

Next is the western cowboy style method: Fold the scarf into a triangle, tie it diagonally behind the neck, or directly behind it.

The essence of this system is frankness and chic.

The eye-catching red is printed with a large gold pattern, which instantly improves the overall shape and fashion

Of course, it can also be fixed with pins to create an asymmetry. If it is matched with a strong collar such as a shirt, it is best to expose the collar, otherwise it will be too tight.

You can also choose a larger square scarf, and make two knots around the neck to let the corners of the towel hang naturally.

When knotting, you can choose to be symmetrical at both ends, or you can leave the ends one long and one short.

Girls with round and square faces can use the scarf to create a large V-neck effect, which can stretch the round fleshy face vertically and add some soft lines to the square-faced girls.

In addition to the square scarf mentioned above, there is also a narrow and long silk scarf, which is very suitable for tall girls. If you go to the beach in summer, the breeze blows the veil and dances, giving a romantic and elegant feeling.

The common method of this long and narrow silk scarf is to tie two knots tightly around the neck, and then flow out the long tail to show your casual mood.

In fact, placing the tail of the towel behind her can better reflect the femininity and femininity.In fact, placing the tail of the towel behind her can better reflect the femininity and femininity.

If it is a girl with a short neck, try not to tie it too tightly, it is easy to appear that the proportion of the neck is not inconsistent. You can create a deep V effect like the picture below.

The advantage of the long scarf is that it can create different shapes:

A small silk scarf, but the effect is very great, such as the picture below, plus a slender silk scarf on the right, fashion sense comes out, there is no highlight on the left.

The silk scarf similar to the long narrow scarf on the picture above can be regarded as a kind of choker. The black can be matched with various clothing as desired. The light and soft material conveys sexy and free, adding color to the shape.

The Habib can fold the silk scarf in half and try not to exceed the waist, and the girls of height can wear it casually.

The second method of wearing: headdress

Scarves are used as neck ornaments to play the essential role of scarves, but with the interpretation of fashion Icon, scarves have more other decorative functions.

Scarves are widely used as turbans. No matter in daily life, film and television shooting or important wedding occasions, Western women are keen to use turbans to wrap their heads. Simply wrap the head and tie it at will, and immediately become the modern girl in the Paris Pictorial, elegant and romantic.

The turban is the Queen of England.

Young queen

I really like silk scarves

In addition to this simple method of wearing a Baotou, you can transform different shapes and interpret different flavors like Snow White and Captain Pirate.

Silk scarf

Put the two beveled corners of the silk scarf on both sides of the neck, which can better set off the feminine beauty.

Tie ordinary ponytails with silk scarves of different colors to express your rich inner emotions and personality characteristics.

There are also new ways to play ball heads and scarves, which can be directly tied to the coiled ball heads, and can also be used as a headband to tie a knot under the ball, leaving the silk scarf light and charming.

You can also use silk scarves to create different styles of hair. You can use a silk scarf in the morning if you are too lazy to take care of your hair. As fashionable people, you should try it out.

Babies with long hair on vacation at the sea must learn this trick, weaving silk scarves into their hair, full of casual and casual style, with a straw bag, stylish and fashionable, you must be the vacation queen.

Girls with short hair don't worry too much. They can't use silk scarves to tie their hair, but we can use it to decorate hats, with white shirts, white T-shirts or vintage dresses, highlighting the feminine elegance and purity.

Third use: Shoulder

In the early 20s and 30s of the last century, Louise Brooks and Katherine Hepburn used silk scarves as shoulder decorations and buckled brooches to inadvertently show charming charm.

If you are elegant, you can use silk scarves to interpret thousands of styles. Intellectual elegance is intoxicating.

The fourth type is for waist decoration

From belts, belt seals, and shirt sleeves, women have used all available long-line items to create a high waistline. And the fashion elites began to use scarves as belts, which had both practical functions and light and smart style.

In addition to matching skirts, scarves can also be used in place of belts to enhance the overall shape and create a free and easy feeling for you.

Sometimes it goes straight through the belt loop and a knot is just casual.

Fifth: wrist ankle jewelry

The light, durable and colorful scarf makes it easy to replace jewelry and become a must-have for spring and summer. Balenciaga also specially launched scarves bracelets, but it is not as cheap as buying a scarves directly.

Choose different colors to match different moods and occasions.

When wearing a T-shirt, there is nothing over the arm, which is most suitable for wearing a silk scarf on the wrist. This also added small tassel to make the overall shape novel and agile.

Of course, the thin ankles can also be embellished with silk scarves, so that you can show your hands with care and fashion.

Sixth: Bag accessories

In other words, the silk scarf is the true wild king. It has its place to play from head to toe. In addition to the body, it can also be used to decorate your bag.

Even if it is a dark bag bought in winter, plus a beautiful little silk scarf, it can change instantly, and you don't have to worry about colliding with someone.

Bamboo woven bags and fire scarves all over the world can make a difference.

Seventh: You can use scarves to make clothes

Wrap a silk scarf directly out of the street, you will definitely become the most eye-catching one. As long as there are two big silk scarves, you can play countless new tricks.

Bikini and small bellyband can also make you eye-catching. Compared to a single-color bikini, silk scarf comes with charming sexy special effects.

But the beach, the sea and the silk scarf are the best partners. The sea breeze gently blows the silky and light fabric, which is elegant and romantic.

In daily dress, silk scarves can also be used as part of the costume to show the owner's unique charm.

Hang the long scarf on both sides of the neck, which can be symmetrical in length or different in height. Then use a belt to create a high waist line. The end of the scarf will swing lightly with your steps, bringing its own fairy atmosphere.

Eighth: Photo artifact

Compared with clothes, shoes and bags, silk scarves are easy to carry, which is a must-have for travel.

A silk scarf can make you look great, and bring a few more colors and patterns, which will definitely make you feel fresh every day.

Type 9: Home Art

In addition to being used as personal accessories, scarves can also be used as furniture art to highlight the extraordinary taste of the owner.

Here we have to mention Hermès. At the 100th anniversary of Hermès in 1937, this aristocratic luxury brand launched the first silk scarf. Creative Director Pierre (Pierre) said "In 1973, from Hermes 'Carre' When a model came out, it wasn't a foil, it was conceived with its own meaning. "

There is a story behind every silk scarf at Hermès, and every silk scarf is handmade. The queen, princess, first lady, ladies of various countries ... one of the most prominent users is Hermes' best spokesperson.

If you are also an art lover, I believe you will find another beautiful world in silk scarves.

Conclusion: Today, from head to toe, from beach to indoor, we have summarized the play of countless scarves. Even with a mediocre look, with the embellishment of small scarves, it can instantly make people look bright. In this beautiful season, let's take off the heavy, choose a light and small silk scarf, and have a different sense of freshness ~
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