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Detailed illustration of how to wear 10 kinds of silk squares

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Women must learn the various methods of encircling scarves!

1) Good collocation

Step1: The silk scarf is simply tied on the neck.

Step2: Fold the top layer of silk scarf from bottom to top until the neck is folded. Use your hands to temporarily fix the middle section.

Step3: Put the scarf underneath from the bottom up and fix it in place. Wrap the middle of the scarf on the upper layer with the lower layer.

Step4: Twist the lower layer twice in this way, reinforce it, leave the same length as in the picture, and arrange the scarf of the upper layer.

2) Simple color spirit in the workplace

Step1: Grasp the corner of the short side of the long towel and fold one side into an accordion fold.

Step2: Tie a knot in the upper part of the accordion pleats.

Step3: Put the knotted side on the shoulder side.

Step4: After wrapping the other side around the neck, thread the corner of the remaining scarf into the knot and pull it out.

3) Elegant charm in business occasions

Step1: Tie the silk scarf on both sides of the neck and drop naturally under the neck.

Step2: Then tie a scarf to the neck.

Step3: Align the two ends of the scarf and pinch it.

Step4: Put the twisted sides into the knots under the neck, and put them out.

Step5: Pay attention to the length of the two sides when finishing, and make sure that the middle part is fluffy and natural.

4) Vibrant office styling

Step1: The scarf is folded into a triangle and wrapped around the neck.

Step2: Tie a knot on the side of the neck.

Step3: Put the upper part of the two ends of the scarf into the knot.

Step4: Put the lower part of the two ends of the scarf together into the knot, and just pull out a piece of scarf to sort it out.

5) A classic match for business and leisure

Step1: Hold the silk scarf and fold it into the organ pleats in the picture.

Step2: Put the folded silk scarf on the neck, wrap it around the chest, fix the two ends of the head together with a rubber band, and then arrange it into a flower shape.

6) The star fan in social occasions

Step1: Fold the two sides of the scarf in half, leaving a part in the middle.

Step2: Fold the scarf after folding the organ pleat from bottom to top.

Step3: Wrap the folded silk scarf around the neck, merge the two ends and fix them with rubber bands.

7) Elegant lady at the party

Step1: Fold the scarf irregularly in half, revealing four sharp corners on the sides.

Step2: Put the scarf on the shoulder from the right, place the corners on the left shoulder, pull a part of the corners near the neck, and insert the corners into the scarf.

Step3: Organize the two corners that come out of the scarf to form a texture decoration.

8) Beautiful ladies in a relaxed gathering

Step1: Fold the scarf into a triangle.

Step2: Fold the accordion along one long side of the triangle.

Step3: Use the scarf to tie the upper part of the organ pleats, and tidy up a little.

Step4: Put the part with the scarf on the side of the shoulder, and then put the other end through the scarf and pull it out.

9) Scarves can also be very handsome

Step1: Fold the scarf in large triangles. Equilateral ends are on top.

Step2: Fold the corner of the triangle upward.

Step3: Fold the silk scarf in half again to form a strip of about 10 cm.

Step4: Put the silk scarf on your chest and fold it from bottom to top on the left part.

Step5: Turn the scarf folded back to the front. Form a hole that can be inserted into the finger.

Step6: Put the scarf back to the front through the hole to form a loose triangle.

Step7: Put the silk scarf on the right into the knot on the left, place it underneath, and then arrange it well.

10) The most special collar decoration when participating in academic research

Step1: The scarf is folded in half to form a triangle.

Step2: Fold up the largest corner again.

Step3: Put the scarf on and place it in the middle of the scarf.

Step4: Put the scarf on the chest, wrap the two ends around the back of the neck and tie up the scarf.
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